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STAR of the Week

Leopard: Myla R

For her lovely dance representations of Fireworks during our P.E lesson. Bang! Crackle! Fizz! Whoosh! Snap! Well done Myla for performing the moves in sequence and in time with the music!

Zebra: Daisy J

For being so ambitious with her learning. Daisy loves to explore her caption writing and is developing in confidence with using helpful words to extend her captions. Well done Daisy!

Bear: Peyton L

For excellent progress with phonics and reading, always striving to do her very best. Amazing effort Peyton!

Otter: Thea S

For writing some excellent sentences using the conjunction ‘because ‘ to link your ideas and for always being a respectful member of Otter Class! Well done!

Lion: Darcey B

For her amazing performance of ‘Revolting Children’ during our musical performance assembly. You were so confident and brave to do this infront of all of KS1. Fantastic work Darcey!

Dolphin: Olivia L

For showing lots of resilience in her learning this week. Olivia has tackled challenges in Maths and really persevered when completing fitness tasks with a partner in PE.

Panda: Ella W

For always being a kind, helpful and hard-working member of the class. Thank you for being a perfect panda Ella!

Tiger: Jessica M

For excellent effort in her RE work on Holy week and for her amazing attitude to her learning. Jessica is always enthusiastic and strives to do her best. Well done!

Giraffe: Louis W

For being incredibly brave and singing in front of the whole school – a please to listen to! We are very proud of you – well done, superstar!

Turtle: Logan J-M

For striving in all areas of the curriculum this week. He has been challenging himself to try new things such as singing in our musical performance assembly. I am very proud of you.

Monkey: Aydan M

For beautiful presentation; your handwriting is elegantly joined.

Kangaroo: Ilah S

For a great start to the biography unit of writing. I really enjoyed reading about your sporting personality!

Koala: Leo G

For his hard work in preparing for the SATs, he has produced a good suspense story – using the features we had worked on, as well as working hard on his comprehension in the revision sessions. Keep it up Leo!



W/E: 15/03/24

Overall Attendance

School Pond Update

Last term the PTA and volunteers cleared a lot of the surrounding area and this week, the pond itself has been tackled. The bed was so matted that the volunteers had to cut it apart with saws, leaving a small ‘island’ in the middle. We will need a new liner as one side is damaged and with subsidence, the water is escaping but this will be done over the summer once mating season is over. 
BUT we have life!!! A lot in fact, which is fascinating considering how little room they must have had. Notoriously, fish like to eat newts eggs so we will be finding a new home for them but we have lots of smooth newts (including pregnant ones), caddisfly larvae making their nests with whatever they can find around them (which is seriously fascinating to watch), snails as well butterflies, foxes and badgers who have a very active set under the shed. 
There are lots of new plants both in and around the pond being planted with lots of exciting plans to come.
A massive thank you to the PTA and their incredible volunteers, who have been making great progress over in the pond area. 


Below are a list of letters, leaflets and posters uploaded to the website this week.

Leaflets/Posters for Parents

Half-Term Holiday Camps – Easter

Letters sent this week

Previous letters, leaflets and posters can be found on the school website Parents > Letters to Parents

Persistent Absences

If your child takes too much time off school they will become categorised as PA or persistently absent.  Missing school will make your child fall behind in lessons and will impact on their academic progress and achievement. 

Below is the percentage of children per year group who currently fall into this category.  If you are worried about your child’s school attendance, please do not hesitate to contact the school where we can work with you to improve this.

Year Group % of
Persistent Absences
R 10%
1 8%
2 9%
3 17%
4 11%
5 12%
6 6%
Overall 10%


Years 2, 5 and 6 were entered into the Sumdog East England Maths Contest, that ran from the 14th March – 21st March.

Congratulations to the following children who came in the top 5 of the Riverside Leaderboard for their class.

Dolphin – Year 2

  • Amelia S
  • Henry H
  • Hayden C
  • Michelle D
  • Charlie F

Lion – Year 2

  • Elsie R
  • Ronnie-Ray S
  • Mason O
  • Oliver O
  • Noah G

Monkey – Year 5/6

  • Prathyush R
  • Joseph M
  • Ben B
  • Leyla L
  • Emily G

Kangaroo – Year 5/6

  • Mason K
  • Oscar A
  • Gaetano C
  • Oakley F
  • Warwick B

Koala – Year 5/6

  • May B
  • Joseph L
  • Vienna C
  • Esme J
  • Rupert W-Y

Well done to everyone who participated in the contest.

Reading Awards

Well done to the following children who have received their Bronze award for reading 50 times.

Year 1/2

  • Alfie-James G
  • Danny D
  • Devon F

Year 3/4

  • Freddie H
  • Olivia W
  • Aathavan S

Well done to the following children who have received their Silver award for reading 100 times.

Year 1/2

  • Reggie R

Year 3/4

  • Logan J-M
  • Miller R
  • Jude C
  • Buddy H-H

Year 5/6

  • Dylan M-L
  • Archie H
  • Chloe L
  • Kobie G
  • Rosie Z
  • Ethan G
  • Logan S-S
  • Oakley F
  • Mason K
  • Jessica O

Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! - Microsoft AppsTimes Tables

Congratulations to the following Year 3/4 children who have earned their;

Bronze award as they can fluently and rapidly recall the 2,5 and 10 times tables.

  • Ronnie P
  • Eleana H
  • Cali F

Silver award as they can fluently and rapidly recall the 3,4,6 and 11 times tables.

  • Josiah A-B

Science Week

Last week, Riverside marked the annual event of British Science Week.
Throughout the week, we were visited by special guests, including a knowledgeable geologist who shared insights into Earth’s fascinating geological formations and brought in an array of special rocks for the children to observe and handle.
Additionally, we were fortunate to have a parent speaker who offered an engaging careers talk tailored specifically for our Year 5 and 6 pupils, inspiring them to explore different occupations within science.
We would like to extend a big thank you to our guests that supported this event and for enriching our pupil’s learning in science.

KS2 Accelerated Reader: Word Counts

Each week, we will be sharing with you which KS2 class has read the most words. We will find this out by using data from the Accelerated Quizzes. 

Children must score over 70% in their quiz for the book to count towards their class word count. 

Below is this weeks results

Class Name

Total Word count
























Team Points

Congratulations to Blue team for earning the most team points this week.

This weeks team points were counted by Rosen team captains.

Overall Points

Netball Match Report

On Tuesday 19th March, we played against Rayleigh Primary School. In a thrilling display of teamwork and determination, the girls showcased all they have learnt in a hard-fought match. Despite the final score not in their favour , their performance shone brightly. They scored three amazing goals and with resilience and unity, they battled hard and made many great interceptions and turnovers.  The other team’s players were much taller but they dodged in front with speed, never giving up and trying their very best until the final whistle was blown. Though victory eluded them this time, their spirited efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Well done to Vienna who was voted player of the match for our team. She was literally everywhere making interceptions and chasing every free ball.  This match was a testament to their growth and potential, setting the stage for future triumphs. High fives all around for a match well played!

Mrs Kruse and Mrs Murray

Wakeup Wednesday: Safeguarding Tips


To see more posters swipe your screen. Further posters for events can be found by clicking here.

Year 2 Church Trip

On Monday, Lion and Dolphin class visited Reverend Neil at Hullbridge Free Church to learn the Easter story and complete some Easter based activities. This included colouring in the Easter story, writing their names on a stone to place on the path leading to Jesus’ tomb and drawing a picture to show what Easter means to them. They also watched a short Lego video on the story of Easter.
Thank you to Reverend Neil and his helpers for putting this event on for the year 2 children, they all very much enjoyed themselves. We’d also like to thank the parent helpers for accompanying us.

Year 3 Trip to St Thomas

On Wednesday 20th March Panda and Tiger class visited St Thomas’ Church. When we got there Rev Brenda told us the Story about Holy Week.  We learnt how Jesus died, that Jesus’ last words were ‘ It is finished’ and that he came back alive on Easter Sunday.  It was really interesting.  After, we did a craft activity; we made an Easter box.  In our box, we were allowed to put in chicks and eggs.  We really enjoyed ourselves and we would like to thank Rev Brenda and Rev Jackie for their time and hard work.

11+ 2025 Entry Important Dates

14 May 2024 — GSSE online registration link opens at 9am. Parents can register for the 11+ tests through the CSSE website: www.csse.org.uk or by completing the postal form in the Information Guide.

28 June 2024 — Deadline date for receipt of evidence supporting requests for special arrangements.

28 June 2024 — GSSE Registration closes at 5pm

17 July 2024 — Test centre letters should be received by parents.


21 September 2024 — SATURDAY MAIN 11+ DAY

1 October 2024 — TUESDAY TEST DAY for applicants that have a religious objection to sitting on a Saturday or are ill on the main day.

14 October 2024 — Results will be emailed to all candidates.

31 October 2024 — Published closing date for the receipt of applications to Local Authorities.



At Riverside, we love celebrating our pupils’ achievements, both inside and outside of school. If your child has accomplished something beyond the classroom, we want to hear about it!

Please email admin@riversideprimary.co.uk with a brief description along with any photos of their achievement. We’ll be thrilled to showcase their success in our weekly newsletters.

PE Timetable – Summer 1

Below is a timetable of when your child will have PE, after Easter half-term.



















Please note: Panda, Tiger, Turtle and Giraffe classes will require their Swimming kits on their PE day.

Dinner Menu

We are operating a three week rolling menu. The menus, ingredients and allergen lists can be viewed on our website by clicking here.
School Dinners cost £2.60 per day.

External Events

Childcare Vouchers

Tax free childcare vouchers can be used to pay for Breakfast and Twilight sessions.

Breakfast club cost £6 per session.

Please arrive in between 7.30 – 8.15am. Your child will be walked back to their class by a member of staff when the school day begins.

Included in this cost will be a drink and a breakfast of toast and cereal.

The children can take part in many different activities including board games, laptops, painting etc.

Twilight club cost £7.50 per session.

Twilight Club runs from 3:15pm to 5pm. Your child will be taken to Twilight club by their class teacher at the end of the school day.

Included in this cost children are provided with a drink and healthy snack

The children can take part in many different activities including board games, laptops, film/CBBC/Cbeebies, painting etc.

Bookings must be booked 24 hours in advance via ParentPay.

Twilight Mobile: 07597 007571

ComputerXplorers Easter Holiday Clubs

ComputerXplorers Easter holiday clubs are coming to Essex. Booking for our Easter holiday clubs is open this week! Our holiday clubs are STEM focused and supported by the Department for Education and local authorities. We would like to support the families and their children living in south Essex.

We have FREE spaces available for children receiving free meals. Parents can just use the voucher code received from the school to book these FREE spaces. A hot nutritious meal will be provided to each free space every day. For secondary school children, we can request a voucher code for them. Spaces are very limited! In addition, we plan to launch Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food training programme this year, which is funded by Essex county council.

Please see below the booking links of our Easter holiday clubs:

EASTER FUN TECH HOLIDAY CLUB (HOCKLEY) – Venue: Greensward Academy  

EASTER FUN TECH HOLIDAY CLUB (SOUTHEND) – Venue: King’s Road United Reformed Church


Dates not shown on previous issues are added in RED!

Spring 2 2024

28/03/24 — EYFS Parent Drop-in

28/03/24 — SEN Coffee Morning

28/03/24 — PTA Egg-citing Easter Event

28/03/24 — Year 6 – Try on Sample Hoodies for sizing at the Easter Event, guess cake weight stall

28/03/24 — Children break up today

Easter Break
Monday 1st April 2024 – Friday 12th April 2024

Summer 1 2024

15/04/24 — Children return to school

15/04/24 — All clubs begin this week

18/04/24 — Year 2 SATS Parent Meeting at 9am

22/04/24 — Year 6 Mersea Island Parent Meeting at 3.30pm

29/04/24 — Year 4 leave for Kingswood

29/04/24 — Year 3 Skreens Park Parent Meeting at 3.30pm

29/04/24 — Deadline to order Year 6 School Leaver’s Hoodie

01/05/24 — Year 4 return from Kingswood

02/05/24 — SEN Coffee Morning

08/05/24 — Year 2 Postal Museum Trip

13-16/05/24 — Year 6 SATS Week

17/05/24 — PTA: National Children’s Day – Non uniform

17-23/05/24 — Years 2, 5 & 6 Sumdog East of England Maths Contest

18/05/24 — PTA: Colour Run

23/05/24 — EYFS Parent Drop-in

24/05/24 — NON-PUPIL DAY

Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May 2024

Summer 2 2024

03/05/24 — Children return to school

04/06/24 — PTA Father’s Day Sale

05/06/24 — Class Photographs

10/06/24 — Andy Turner (Olympian) meeting KS2

12/06/24 — EYFS new parents meeting at 5pm

13/06/24 — EYFS trip to Thorndon Country Park

15/06/24 — PTA Summer fete

18/06/24 — Year 6 leave for Mersea Island

21/06/24 — Year 6 return from Mersea Island

27/06/24 — Sweyne Park Year 7 (current Year 6’s) Parent Induction Meeting at 7pm

28/06/24 — Sweyne Park Year 7 (current Year 6’s) Induction Day at 8.45am

28/06/24 — Jump Up Day

28/06/24 — New EYFS Stay & Play Session 1

01/07/24 — Year 3 to Skreens (1st Class Leave)

02/07/24 — Year 3 to Skreens (1st Class Return, 2nd class leaves)

03/07/24 — Year 3 to Skreens (2nd Class Return)

04/07/24 — SEN Coffee Morning

05/07/24 — Year 6 Performance to school

08/07/24 — District Sports

09/07/24 — Year 6 Performance to parents (more information will be sent nearer the time)

10/07/24 — Sports Day

11/07/24 — PTA: EYFS & KS1 Summer Disco – PM

12/07/24 — All clubs end by today

12-18/07/24 — Years 2, 5 & 6 Sumdog East of England Maths Contest

12/07/24 — New EYFS Stay & Play Session 2

12/07/24 — PTA KS2 Summer Disco

17/07/24 — Sports Day (Reserve)

18/07/24 — PTA: Year 6 Leavers Party

19/07/24 — EYFS Parent Drop-in

23/07/24 — Year 6 Graduation (more information will be sent nearer the time)

23/07/24 — Children break up for the Summer