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If your child is in year 6 please can you email year6@riversideprimary.co.uk, with 3 photos of your child to be included in the Graduation. Please see original letter below.

Year 6 Graduation Photos – 23.05.24

STAR of the Week

Leopard: Jackson B

For making super progress with phonics. Jackson wrote a lovely postcard from Disneyland using his phonics to segment some tricky words. Well done Jackson, we are so proud of you for persevering in your learning!

Zebra: Daisy J

For consistently trying her best. Daisy has a positive attitude with striving to achieve her goals. She is a fantastic role model to have in the Zebra class, following routines consistently. 

Bear: Frankie B

For always following school rules and routines, being a wonderful role model to others and always striving to do her best. You are a superstar Frankie!

Otter: Hollie B

For being an excellent role model in class by demonstrating our S.T.A.R values and for your beautifully presented work across the curriculum. Well done!

Lion: Izzy W

For always trying her hardest in everything she does. Izzy’s attitude towards her learning is fabulous and she is a true role model to her peers. Keep up the amazing work Izzy!

Dolphin: Amelia S

For showing excellent listening skills this week especially when playing listening games. Well done Amelia – keep it up!

Panda: Ronnie M

For excellent use of techniques to build suspense when writing sentences for an adventure story. Great work Ronnie! 

Tiger: Esther M

For achieving some excellent suspense sentences using a variety of sentence types and for always showing a positive attitude to all her learning. Well done Esther!

Giraffe: Lilly O

For excellent recall of the story ‘Abraham and Isaac in our RE lesson. 

Turtle: Aiden P

For all the hard work he has put in to improve his handwriting. Due to this, he has received his pen license! Good job!

Monkey: Esther A-B

For exceptional performance in computing. She demonstrated proficiency in identifying the appropriate network type (LAN, MAN, WAN) for various scenarios and effectively answered questions regarding bus topology and star topology.

Kangaroo: Harley L

For excellent work in maths throughout the year, you always work hard in lessons and join in enthusiastically with class discussions.

Koala: Harley F

For his enthusiasm in our lessons – his hand is up, he is following instructions and asking questions – this was especially seen on the Geography lesson, thank you Harley!



W/E: 07/06/24

Overall Attendance
Andy Turner

This week, Riverside School had the honour of welcoming ex-Olympian Andy Turner, a celebrated athlete known for his remarkable achievements in the 110m hurdles. Andy, who has won multiple medals in his sport, shared his incredible journey and inspired our students with his story of dedication, perseverance, and success.

During his visit, Andy spoke passionately about his experiences and the hard work that went into becoming an elite athlete. He captivated the children with stories of his training, the challenges he faced, and the triumphs he celebrated. His message was clear: with determination and a positive mindset, anything is possible.

At Riverside, we are committed to raising aspirations and encouraging our students to dream big and work hard towards their goals. Andy Turner’s visit was a perfect embodiment of these values. The students left the assembly feeling motivated and excited about their own potential, whether in sports, academics, or any other area of interest.

We are grateful to Andy Turner for taking the time to visit our school and for being such an inspiring role model. His words and achievements have left a lasting impact on our Riverside community, reminding us all that with effort and perseverance, we can overcome any hurdle.


Below are a list of letters, leaflets and posters uploaded to the website this week.

Leaflets/Posters for Parents

Letters sent this week

Previous letters, leaflets and posters can be found on the school website Parents > Letters to Parents

Parent Meetings

Year 3 Skreens Park Presentation

Year 6 Mersea Island Presentation

Persistent Absences

If your child takes too much time off school they will become categorised as PA or persistently absent.  Missing school will make your child fall behind in lessons and will impact on their academic progress and achievement. 

Below is the percentage of children per year group who currently fall into this category.  If you are worried about your child’s school attendance, please do not hesitate to contact the school where we can work with you to improve this.

Year Group % of
Persistent Absences
R 12%
1 10%
2 11%
3 15%
4 13%
5 14%
6 6%
Overall 11%

New Website

We are pleased to announce that our new school website will launch by Friday 28th June. If you have any feedback on the new website once it launches please email admin@riverside.essex.sch.uk.

Times Tables Challenge - Quiz! - Microsoft AppsTimes Tables

Congratulations to the following Year 3/4 children who have earned their;

Silver award as they can fluently and rapidly recall the 3, 4, 6 and 11 times tables.

  • Elliot C
  • Samuel S
  • Orson B

Gold award as they can fluently and rapidly recall the 7,8,9 and 12 times tables.

  • Abigail C
  • Jude C
  • Blake C
  • Dishvitha Y
The Riverside Choir Smash SEESMA 2024

**Exciting News from Riverside Primary!**

We are bursting with excitement to share that our incredible KS2 Riverside Choir performed on the evening of Thursday, 13 July, at the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend as part of the 2024 SEESMA Junior Festival. Joining forces with other schools from in and around Southend, our talented choir delivered a fabulous performance that left everyone in awe. It was an unforgettable evening filled with music, joy, and a wonderful sense of community.

The dedication and hard work of our young singers truly shone through. Parents, staff, and the entire Riverside family are thrilled with their success!

For a little taste of the magic, we have a special treat for you. Click here to listen to a clip of our choir singing ‘Six’ during their dress rehearsal. It’s a snippet of the fantastic talent our children have showcased.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Let’s keep celebrating the wonderful achievements of our Riverside stars!
Choir will now resume in September 2024, and we look forward to welcoming back existing members as well as new starters from across Years 3-6.If your child would like to join next year, then watch out for the clubs letter when it comes out. We are a no audition choir and welcome all children who just love to sing!

Mrs. Watts

Reading Awards

Well done to the following children who have received their Bronze award for reading 50 times.

Year 1/2

  • Hayden C

Well done to the following children who have received their Silver award for reading 100 times.

Year 1/2

  • Oliver W
  • Sophey A
  • Ella C

Well done to the following children who have received their Gold award for reading 200 times.

Year 1/2

  • Oliver O
  • Lucy S

Year 3/4

  • Evie A-B
  • George N
  • George W
  • Summer G

Autism Act

Autism Act- Sarah Bell:

Thursday 13th June
Via zoom Using Visuals to Support Your Child
Sarah Bell is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Sarah and visuals workshop for SEES parents
Time: Jun 13, 2024 01:15 PM London
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 516 611 8854
Passcode: autismact
Thursday 27th June
Coffee morning
Rayleigh Primary School 
9 45 am to 11 30 am 
Guest speaker tbc
Please park in the car park behind Iceland and not in the school car park.

Row Row’s New Grab Bag

See below our new grab bag range ‘Row Row’s’. You can pre-order now on ParentPay.

KS2 Accelerated Reader: Word Counts

Each week, we will be sharing with you which KS2 class has read the most words. We will find this out by using data from the Accelerated Quizzes. 

Children must score over 70% in their quiz for the book to count towards their class word count. 

Below is this weeks results

Class Name

Total Word count























South Essex Extended Services 

As Riverside has access to the South Essex Extended Services there are 3 events for the summer term you may be interested in attending. Events are free for you to attend and no pre-booking is required.

✅Coffee mornings
This is a chance to meet with other parents in the area, hear some autism input and feel heard.

  • ☕Thursday 27th June 9 45 am to 11 30 am Venue to be confirmed (in the Rayleigh area)

✅Zoom workshop – Using Visual Supports with Your Child

  • Thursday 13th June 1 15pm to 2 45 pm


Congratulations to the following pupils who came in the top 10 of 1,502 students entered into the East of England Maths Contest.
  • Henry P (2nd)
  • Jack M (4th)
  • Ethan K (9th)
  • Stanley B (10th)

Well done to the following classes for coming ‘Daily Winners’ during the contest;

  • 17th May – Turtle Class
  • 18th May – Otter Class

Wakeup Wednesday: Safeguarding Tips


To see more posters swipe your screen. Further posters for events can be found by clicking here.

11+ 2025 Entry Important Dates

28 June 2024 — Deadline date for receipt of evidence supporting requests for special arrangements.

28 June 2024 — GSSE Registration closes at 5pm

17 July 2024 — Test centre letters should be received by parents.


21 September 2024 — SATURDAY MAIN 11+ DAY

1 October 2024 — TUESDAY TEST DAY for applicants that have a religious objection to sitting on a Saturday or are ill on the main day.

14 October 2024 — Results will be emailed to all candidates.

31 October 2024 — Published closing date for the receipt of applications to Local Authorities.



At Riverside, we love celebrating our pupils’ achievements, both inside and outside of school. If your child has accomplished something beyond the classroom, we want to hear about it!

Please email admin@riversideprimary.co.uk with a brief description along with any photos of their achievement. We’ll be thrilled to showcase their success in our weekly newsletters.

Reporting Pupil Absence

This is a reminder to all parents/carers that the correct way to report absences is to leave a message on the absence line answerphone daily. If messages are sent by email to the admin email address they will not be registered in time for the morning attendance and you may then receive a call from our attendance team.

Dinner Menu

We are operating a two week rolling menu. The menus, ingredients and allergen lists can be viewed on our website by clicking here.
School Dinners cost £2.60 per day.

Childcare Vouchers

Tax free childcare vouchers can be used to pay for Breakfast and Twilight sessions.

Breakfast club cost £6 per session.

Please arrive in between 7.30 – 8.15am. Your child will be walked back to their class by a member of staff when the school day begins.

Included in this cost will be a drink and a breakfast of toast and cereal.

Twilight club cost £7.50 per session.

Twilight Club runs from 3:15pm to 5pm. Your child will be taken to Twilight club by their class teacher at the end of the school day.

Included in this cost children are provided with a drink and healthy snack

Bookings must be booked 24 hours in advance via ParentPay.

Twilight Mobile: 07597 007571

KS1 playground

Please do not allow children to play on the equipment either before/after school. At the end of the day, parents and children should leave the site promptly . This enables us to open up the playground for our other clubs. Thank you.

KS2 playground

Please note that the day in KS2 does not start until 8:40am when the doors open. Children should not be left unsupervised on the playground before this time. Children should not play on the equipment. Thank you


Dates not shown on previous issues are added in RED!

Summer 2 2024

15/06/24 — PTA Summer fete

18/06/24 — Year 6 leave for Mersea Island

20/06/24 — Year 1 to Hullbridge Library

21/06/24 — Year 6 return from Mersea Island

27/06/24 — Sweyne Park Year 7 (current Year 6’s) Parent Induction Meeting at 7pm

28/06/24 — Sweyne Park Year 7 (current Year 6’s) Induction Day at 8.45am

28/06/24 — Jump Up Day

28/06/24 — New EYFS Stay & Play Session 1

01/07/24 — Year 3 to Skreens (1st Class Leave)

02/07/24 — Year 3 to Skreens (1st Class Return, 2nd class leaves)

03/07/24 — Year 3 to Skreens (2nd Class Return)

04/07/24 — SEN Coffee Morning

04/07/24 — PTA Meeting at 1pm

05/07/24 — Year 6 Performance to school

05/07/24 — Year R – 5 Reports to Parents

08/07/24 — District Sports

Summer 2 2024

09/07/24 — Year 6 Performance to parents (more information will be sent nearer the time)

10/07/24 — Sports Day

10/07/24 — PTA Sports Day Breakfast Bar

11/07/24 — PTA: EYFS & KS1 Summer Disco – PM

12/07/24 — All clubs end by today

12/07/24 — Year 6 Reports to Parents

12-18/07/24 — Years 1-6 Sumdog East of England Maths Contest

12/07/24 — New EYFS Stay & Play Session 2

12/07/24 — PTA KS2 Summer Disco

15/07/24 — Year 6 Leavers Party Fundraising ends

17/07/24 — Sports Day (Reserve)

18/07/24 — PTA: Year 6 Leavers Party

19/07/24 — EYFS Parent Drop-in

23/07/24 — Year 6 Graduation (more information will be sent nearer the time)

23/07/24 — Children break up for the Summer