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STAR of the Week

Leopard: Myla R

For being such a kind friend to everyone in class. You are a super role model to others Myla!

Zebra: Louis P

For his enthusiasm to all areas of learning. From his creativity to his exceptional addition, Louis strives to achieve the goals he has set out to do, superstar! 

Bear: Jack M

For an oustanding accelerated reading score!! You have worked so hard to always ensure you achieve your best and that you make fantastic progress with your reading. What a superstar!

Otter: Tilly M

For writing some descriptive sentences using the suffix ‘ing’ and for always being so kind and helpful in class! Well done!

Lion: Leilani K

For using the sculpture artist Barbara Hepworth as inspiration to creatively manipulate clay in different ways. Leilani wasn’t afraid to get stuck in when squeezing, rolling, pulling and pinching the clay to change its shape. Great job Leilani!

Dolphin: Jayden S

For making good progress with his place value. Keep up the good work Jayden. Well done.

Panda: Samuel S

For excellent focus this week when completing his end of year assessments and scoring full marks on his arithmetic paper. Excellent achievement Samuel!

Tiger: Lennon W

For always showing a positive attitude to his learning and for being a supportive, friendly member of Tiger Class. Well done Lennon!

Giraffe: Aathavan S

For fantastic effort, always working hard and being a happy and enthusiastic member of the class, Well done!

Turtle: Summer G

For her continuous hard work on her times tables which has led to an amazing score in the recent multiplication check

Monkey: Lydia H

For outstanding achievement in mathss, notably excelling in the lesson on converting metric and imperial units. Despite its complexity, you adeptly tackled the challenging task with precision and skill.

Kangaroo: Evie-Rae R

For tackling all challenges at Mersea island fearlessly and with determination. Nothing stood in her way of completing an activity.

Koala: Freya S

For overcoming challenges with a huge smile on her face at our Mersea island residential last week.




W/E: 14/06/24

Overall Attendance
Essex Activate

The Essex ActivAte Holiday and Activity Programme provides enriching educational activities, promotes physical health, and supports social interaction. It ensures children stay active, engaged, and well-nourished during the holidays, all in a safe and inclusive environment. This programme also offers essential support to parents, making it a valuable resource for our community.

For a complete list of clubs and activities, visit the Essex ActivAte webpage here

Persistent Absences

If your child takes too much time off school they will become categorised as PA or persistently absent.  Missing school will make your child fall behind in lessons and will impact on their academic progress and achievement. 

Below is the percentage of children per year group who currently fall into this category.  If you are worried about your child’s school attendance, please do not hesitate to contact the school where we can work with you to improve this.

Year Group % of
Persistent Absences
R 11%
1 10%
2 11%
3 13%
4 15%
5 18%
6 6%
Overall 12%


Below are a list of letters, leaflets and posters uploaded to the website this week.

Leaflets/Posters for Parents

Previous letters, leaflets and posters can be found on the school website Parents > Letters to Parents

PE Updates

Panda & Tiger

Tiger class will have their PE lesson on Monday next week (1st July).

Panda class will have their PE lesson on Wednesday next week (3rd July)

Koala Class

Koala class will have their PE lesson on Thursday next week (4th July)


If your child is in year 6 please can you email year6@riversideprimary.co.uk, with 3 photos of your child to be included in the Graduation. Please see original letter below.

Year 6 Graduation Photos – 23.05.24


Last week, our Year 6 children had a fantastic time on their residential visit to Mersea Island! They participated in a variety of exciting outdoor and adventurous activities, including climbing, archery, canoeing, and much more.

In the evenings, the fun continued with activities like watching the England match and enjoying a disco on Wednesday. On Thursday night, the children played fun games such as ‘bunk wars,’ ‘the shoe game,’ and ‘mega hide ‘n’ seek.’

Both the children and staff had a wonderful time, creating many fond memories. We are so proud of our Year 6 students for their enthusiasm and teamwork during this unforgettable trip!

Photos can be found by clicking here.

Reading Awards

Well done to the following children who have received their Bronze award for reading 50 times.

Year 3/4

  • Blake C

Year 5/6

  • Elizabeth C

Well done to the following children who have received their Silver award for reading 100 times.


  • Jackson B

Year 1/2

  • Isaac D

Well done to the following children who have received their Gold award for reading 200 times.


  • Eleanor B

Year 1/2

  • Leo G

Year 3/4

  • George B

Year 5/6

  • Ayla L

Row Row’s New Grab Bag

See below our new grab bag range ‘Row Row’s’. You can pre-order now on ParentPay.


A in Monkey class and her amazing dance school been selected to perform in disney land florida next aug only 10 uk schools selected. Very proud parents. If anyone would like ro support this small school the go fund me is on the bottom of the article.

Click to enlarge the image.

Reporting Pupil Absence

This is a reminder to all parents/carers that the correct way to report absences is to leave a message on the absence line answerphone daily. If messages are sent by email to the admin email address they will not be registered in time for the morning attendance and you may then receive a call from our attendance team.

Wakeup Wednesday: Safeguarding Tips


To see more posters swipe your screen. Further posters for events can be found by clicking here.

11+ 2025 Entry Important Dates

28 June 2024 — Deadline date for receipt of evidence supporting requests for special arrangements.

28 June 2024 — GSSE Registration closes at 5pm

17 July 2024 — Test centre letters should be received by parents.


21 September 2024 — SATURDAY MAIN 11+ DAY

1 October 2024 — TUESDAY TEST DAY for applicants that have a religious objection to sitting on a Saturday or are ill on the main day.

14 October 2024 — Results will be emailed to all candidates.

31 October 2024 — Published closing date for the receipt of applications to Local Authorities.



At Riverside, we love celebrating our pupils’ achievements, both inside and outside of school. If your child has accomplished something beyond the classroom, we want to hear about it!

Please email admin@riversideprimary.co.uk with a brief description along with any photos of their achievement. We’ll be thrilled to showcase their success in our weekly newsletters.

Dinner Menu

We are operating a two week rolling menu. The menus, ingredients and allergen lists can be viewed on our website by clicking here.
School Dinners cost £2.60 per day.

Childcare Vouchers

Tax free childcare vouchers can be used to pay for Breakfast and Twilight sessions.

Breakfast club cost £6 per session.

Please arrive in between 7.30 – 8.15am. Your child will be walked back to their class by a member of staff when the school day begins.

Included in this cost will be a drink and a breakfast of toast and cereal.

Twilight club cost £7.50 per session.

Twilight Club runs from 3:15pm to 5pm. Your child will be taken to Twilight club by their class teacher at the end of the school day.

Included in this cost children are provided with a drink and healthy snack

Bookings must be booked 24 hours in advance via ParentPay.

Twilight Mobile: 07597 007571

KS1 playground

Please do not allow children to play on the equipment either before/after school. At the end of the day, parents and children should leave the site promptly . This enables us to open up the playground for our other clubs. Thank you.

KS2 playground

Please note that the day in KS2 does not start until 8:40am when the doors open. Children should not be left unsupervised on the playground before this time. Children should not play on the equipment. Thank you


Dates not shown on previous issues are added in RED!

Summer 2 2024

01/07/24 — Year 3 to Skreens (1st Class Leave)

02/07/24 — Year 3 to Skreens (1st Class Return, 2nd class leaves)

03/07/24 — Year 3 to Skreens (2nd Class Return)

04/07/24 — SEN Coffee Morning

04/07/24 — PTA Meeting at 1pm

04/07/24 — Year 6 Performance to school

05/07/24 — Year R – 5 Reports to Parents

08/07/24 — District Sports

09/07/24 — Year 6 Performance to parents

10/07/24 — Sports Day

10/07/24 — PTA Sports Day Breakfast Bar

11/07/24 — Year 6 Production being filmed and performed to KS2

11/07/24 — PTA: EYFS & KS1 Summer Disco – PM

Summer 2 2024

12/07/24 — Year 6 Reports to Parents

12/07/24 — New EYFS Stay & Play Session 2

12/07/24 — PTA KS2 Summer Disco

15/07/24 — Year 6 Leavers Party Fundraising ends

17/07/24 — Sports Day (Reserve)

18/07/24 — PTA: Year 6 Leavers Party

19/07/24 — EYFS Parent Drop-in

23/07/24 — Year 6 Graduation

23/07/24 — Children break up for the Summer